Posted on November 01,2016

Do we ever really grow up? Do we need to?

Meet Arachne, a tireless weaver turned into a spider post quarrel with goddess Athena; a patient and persistent creature whose only concern in this world was to constantly weave its own artistic world. 
Thinking of spiders is often repulsive, but they are actually nurturing and clever animals. No wonder Louise Bourgeois chose to represent her mother in a form of a gigantic spider, helpful, protective of her own. 
Cobwebs make us think of dirty, dusty places, whereas the structure in itself is quite beautiful. Hagrid scratched beneath the surface and had a powerful ally in Aragog the spider, and his family. 

Clothes that grow on you, over you, under you, twisted and turned around. Things rebelling against the force that created them. Sleeves are too long, hoods are too small, coats are too heavy or so incredibly light you don't feel them at all. Each piece has its own defect, its own problem, if you like. 
What if we try to see them under a different light, if we try to look at the colour, the shape, the way it falls? If we try to wear each piece in a different way, we will notice a different perspective. Hide or accentuate your "flaws", the beauty will always remain in the eye of the beholder. 
We tend to experience the world under a different light after a journey, a movie seen, even after you've met someone interesting enough to provoke your established ways. But seeking an explanation is far from the point : the principal aim is to formulate questions in the mind of the viewer, rather than to provide the answers. 

Through the Looking Glass is an alternative universe formed by a combination of memories and impressions of the waking world and the random,illogical inventions of a dreaming mind. Post journey we shall realize there is never only one answer to anything.