Posted on June 21,2018


We keep ourselves engaged, overloaded, busy and noisy. Overstimulated to the point that we never stop, think, listen and feel. Our activity is a proxy for some sort of intimacy, a connection. Paradoxically, our modernity is often full in a very superficial sense, psychologically isolating.
The silence, intense, powerful silence becomes very loud, to a point that is deafening. 

Paul Simon's words sound prophetic.  "People talking without speaking, people hearing without listening, people writing songs that voices never shared."

Set in a remote quarry, the landscape emits intimidating signals. Yet, there is some sort of comfort in its pure vastness. It is time to look inside and use only yourself. To listen, to dig, to emanate. Creating a beautiful, almost animalistic language between the bodies. 



The concept is part of our Circular & Sustainable Series. Using discarded stock materials from a garment factory in Croatia that was closing down, a permanent collection of bags and backpacks is made. We work closely with a number of factories in order to source these materials. After hours of knitting, knotting and sculpting, stock that would have ended its life sadly and prematurely is given a new opportunity to shine. A new life.