Posted on August 01,2019




SEP 14th-19th



 An artistic performance that seeks to awake Gepetto in each one of us asking : "Do clothes truly need their wearers to have a life of their own?"



We establish a new circle and the atmosphere of a NEW MEANING. A new meaning of the waste that was left over from interesting projects, concepts, fusion of inner artistic voices and carefully collected with love and respect towards circular design, in the Things I Miss atelier. We tell the story of the coexistence of two narrations :  Studio Marković and Things I Miss
A ( live ) art exhibition with added audiovisual content,  strongly connected to life artwork, with sculptured stories as a result, usability as the next stage and the power of circularity as the main concept. Built upon the determination to be playful whilst opening the visitors’ eyes and initiating conversations, the artists have ideated a concept that will last for 6 days during London Fashion Week. Three Pinocchios will be built out of textile waste. 

Each piece of waste fabric needs to be tied to the next. It will feel like uniting people. Each piece is different. Some have many beginnings and endings. Some are straightforward. Some are thin, some weak, some fat, some long.
It shows that:

  • 1. one sole piece cannot do anything on its own. But when tied and united with the other ones it has a great potential for something bigger/stronger/better and more beautiful.
  • 2. many pieces don’t fit together. They would never fit. But it doesn’t matter. Their role is not to fit (in). It is about building something together. F O C U S . They are all united in the search for the same goal.


This concept is a continuation of a joint conversation between artists & designers Mihaela Markovic ( Studio Markovic ) and Tina Princ (Things I Miss ). The AIM is to make us question our relationship towards clothing, to make us aware of the notion, the idea that clothing has a soul too, a soul that we buried deep down and shut it up, an internal voice,  a hidden human(ity). 


Make sure not to miss it!