Posted on June 14,2019

The sad fate of the mysterious nymph embodied in poetically designed pieces. 
Collaboration between Studio Markovic and Nymph Calypso Eau de perfume.


Atlantis's daughter Calypso, whose name means "she who conceals" was the pagan goddess of the sea who fought in the war together with the Titans. Incredibly beautiful, the nymph was able to control sea currents and winds. When the Gods won, Calypso was punished and cursed with the eternal retreat on the island of Ogygia, today's Mljet in Croatia. In addition, fate ensured that she would fall in love with all the great mortals that would end up on the island, but none of them would stay with her. 


We started the story with two pieces representing Calypso for us.  It is a cardigan and a dress that are completely modular, modern, and simultaneously embody something ancient, primordial. The dress is made in fine waxed cotton, with a satin underdress in contrasting colour that subtly reveals, but also blurs the body structure of the wearer. 
The deep dark blue reminds us of the dark sea depths of the Mediterranean, which, though intriguing, can be very dangerous, just like the mysterious nymph. 


The Calypso cardigan continues the colour play of dark blue shades and gradually integrates the moss green and the emerald green. The contruction of the piece is done intelligently so that it can function as a scarf, dress, robe or a cardigan. 


Concepts of sustainable design, "slow" living, quality pieces that last for years and become better over time just like good wine; these are the main design principles of Mihaela Markovic. These same values are shared by Tamara, owner of Nymph Calypso eau de perfume and the ideator of the whole concept. 

Photographs are done by our long term collaborator Jan Iveta / Studio Iveta. 
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