Posted on May 27,2019


Story sbout Nico, one of our most classic pieces and future great vintage pieces, a jacket that truly lives a life of her own.


Last month we were part of PAUSE Pop up in one of the most chic neighbourhoods of Paris, le Marais! As part of their each edition, an editorial is made in collaboration with local artists, photographers, MUA&Hair artists, stylists, models, etc.


Mihaela was styling one of the fashion shoots using sustainable brands' pieces that were involved in the pop up, and Nico Jacket was obviously a protagonist of one of the looks that were created. 


Since our very beginning, we are digging and searching for the solutions for the modern women. We all want to feel empowered and comfortable. You almost want to forget about what you're wearing. Fashion is always about innovation, but if it's not worn, if it doesn't feel good, it's not relevant. It needs to feel good, it needs to be worn, a piece of clothing is not successful if it's only hanging in someone's closet. Nico jacket is exactly that piece, the one that empowers the woman who wears it.