Posted on February 01,2017

Preservation of craftsmanship

We started collaboration with a group of women in Bosnia, a country heavily affected by the war in the 90s and the economic and psychological crisis that followed and lasts until today.  They all have the skills and can create magic with their hands, but none of them has earned a dime in their life. Until now. They've all been housewives, knitting and crocheting for their family and friends, doing all this invisible work that is rarely appreciated enough.

How we work?

The women receive a hand knit sample with complete instructions and the material, after which they knit a limited edition of the particular piece according to my ideas. Luckily enough, technology allows us to stay connected, so we have video conference calls every week, collective chat groups etc. A beautiful manifestation of tradition and technology working together for the benefit of the whole society. 

Bosnia is a country of colourful past and rich heritage that includes folk and oral literature, music, dances, art, clothing. Their different regional formas are a consequence of co-existence and intermingling of various cultural influences of the Slavic, Mediterranean, Balkan, Oriental and Middle- European cultural circles. 
Old Latins would say " Historia est magistra vitae" , studying the past should serve as a lesson to the future. 
Understanding our roots is crucial to understanding ourselves and creating a distinct, unique future. 
The women are super reliable and create beautiful work. Each of them signs the jumper they made so the final customer can relate better to the idea that it is completely unrealistic to expect that a jumper costs as much as a sandwich.

Read Mihaela's interview for Buro 24/7 where she talks about the collaboration and how it is important to realise that all humanity is one.