Posted on September 30,2019

During London fashion week, I was excited to meet Gracie again, three years after our first encounter in London. 


Always radiating, full of energy and ideas, it was her mind that engineered this beautiful shooting in the recently completely refurbished Strand Palace Hotel.


Through the lens of Jan Iveta and adorned with vintage YSL jewellery and Dita von Teese and Fendi eyewear, I stepped into the world of Orient Express fine dining for the 22nd century. 


We opted for the lusciousness and the excessive decoration , to really show how these clothes remain divine even when there is a lot of bling - bling going on. Gracie was inspired by her Italian roots to really get into the role and explore the Dolce vita phenomenon, even if it was just for the editorial purposes.

GLAMNOIR45jpg.jpg"With my exclusive access to high end events it is why I will continue to choose to wear Mihaela Markovic. She is the perfect example of wearing her heart on my sleeves. her clothes will certainly outlive me. Great to hand them over to my girls. "

This is why we love Gracie, her charisma, her natural charm.The whole article is available here