Posted on December 01,2015

Based on a personal experience, Clothes That My Mother Wore explores the notion of clothes as family heirlooms, garments as memories of past times, the forever pieces we create emotional bonds with through the process of wearing.

It also touches on the dual ambiguity of hair, the fact that it is appealing on the head but quite the opposite when removed from the context of the body.


Intrigue started with a simple observation : hair on head is a symbol of beauty, health and power, but off the head it became repulsive and even disgusting. Going back to the mother/daughter relationship, it is the first relationship any human being creates, already in the womb. Looking at the family photographs, we also tend to forget/put away the bad memories, the fall-outs we might have had, and become nostalgic. Therefore the whole concept started revolving around the exploration of these opposites, the contrasts, open/closed structures, translucent vs.heavy weight fabrics and patterns.