Posted on March 15,2019

In the last few months, Studio Markovic went through some changes, mostly of geographical nature, moving from Zagreb to Amsterdam. 
This change concerns the designer and the showroom space, seeing that the principles and ways of production remain exactly the same, based in Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

Setting up a good basis for production in my homeland, keeping the craft and the knowledge alive was extremely important from the very beginning. Therefore it was necessary to establish a trustworthy relationship with all my suppliers, knitters and all the other people that I work with on creating a beautiful and sustainable product. 
After 3 years in Croatia, I felt that it was time to reach for more opportunities, personal and professional alike, in a city that offers so much ideas, inspirations, openness, possibilities... 


In the Dutch capital we set up a beautiful showroom space in the heart of the city, on Singel, the canal in Amsterdam which encircled the city in the Middle Ages

I wanted to collaborate with other intuitive and strong-minded women who do and make things or have some element of their practice that connects with mine.​ Therefore in the same space I work with PAUSE Fashion Hub,  an event production company that produces dynamic and conscious experiences all over the world. 

The space itself is divided into two separate areas. Typical Amsterdam large windows make the natural light our best friend during those long days. 

We went for an eclectic mix of vintage styles, industrial elkements and quirky local features, evoking a feeling of coolness and coziness at the same time. Selected pieces of pre-owned, pre-loved furniture that have already survived the test of time created stories, warmth and character, an added value to our creative space. 


New city, new energy, new inspiration, new stories to tell...